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Bird-X GooseBuster

Get rid of stubborn infestations with this automated sonic goose control system.



The GooseBuster is a full-featured sonic goose control system that gets rid of stubborn infestations with an audio attack. This automated sound system uses four speakers to broadcast sound waves and audio signals. The sounds confuse, disorient, and intimidate pest birds to quickly scare them away from the effective area up to 7 acres.

The GooseBuster uses the principles of behavior modification by continuously reinforcing the concept that the area is unsafe for geese. The sound technology is based on scientific research done in goose behavior and vocal communications. Sounds emitted by the unit are high quality digital playbacks of goose distress and alarm calls that were recorded in natural environments. These calls are broadcast in the geese's own language and they fully understand the message: the area is dangerous and to stay away.

Geese are generally stubborn and territorial, returning year after year. The GooseBuster uses their memory against them and scares them away repeatedly with frightening alarm calls and noises so they learn not to return.

The GooseBuster is based on decades of research into the behavior and communication of Canada geese by noted biologist Philip Whitford, Capital University Professor. Since 1979, Dr. Whitford has been studying Canada goose behavior and vocal communications, then presenting and publishing his findings. He holds a PhD in biological sciences in the field of animal behavior, and BS and MS degrees in wildlife management. Dr. Whitford has obtained the only documented recording, anywhere, of the alarm call of Canada geese. This, along with the alert Call, makes the GooseBuster the foremost goose-repelling mechanism in the world.


Golf Courses, Airfields, Parks, Lawns, Fields, Marinas, Ponds, Decks, Warehouses, Docks, Porches, Semi- Enclosed Areas, Farms, Barns, Stables, Sheds & Storage, Parking Lots or any other outdoor area with a goose infestation.


Repels all species of Geese


  • 4-Speaker System: Each unit includes 4 independent speakers each with 100 ft. of wire.
  • High Quality Natural Sounds: Recorded from natural locations and occurrences. Digital playback ensures clarity and accuracy.
  • Multiple Calls: 'Alert' calls indicate uneasiness about potential danger; 'alarm' calls signify immediate danger.
  • Prevents Acclimation: Calls differ in frequency, duration, and intervals.
  • Coverage: One unit will cover up to 7 acres. Field tests show that a second unit dramatically increases coverage.
  • Continuous Operation: Set your GooseBuster to be 'always on,' repelling geese 24/7.
  • Solar Power Option: Save on power costs by “Going Green.” Use our 5-watt solar panel (below) to charge your unit's battery.
  • Proven Effective: University conducted field studies show the GooseBuster effective in decreasing geese infestations.
  • Guarantee and Warranty: Your GooseBuster is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.


  • Dimensions: (Control Unit) 12" × 12" × 4"  (Speakers) 4" × 4" × 6"
  • Speakers: 8 ohms, 30 watts
  • Unit Weight: 9 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs (due to package dimensions)
  • Coverage: up to 7 acres
  • Power Consumption: 3 watts
  • Power Requirements: 115vAC/60 Hz (220v AC/50 Hz available)
  • Sound Pressure (ultrasonic): 112 db @ 1 meter @ 22 kHz (per speaker)
  • Frequency (ultrasonic): 20–30 kHz
  • EPA Registration: EPA 075130-OR-001
  • Warranty: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & 6 Month Mfg. Warranty   More Info



External Speaker
Replacement PA Speaker
Solar Panel
5-Watt Solar Panel

All bird control methods prove more effective when used in combination. When used with an Electronic Repeller, visual scare aides such as Bird Scare Tape, Terror Eyes and Hawk Decoys will deter birds in a multi-sensory assault.

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