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The rugged Guardian-2 Cannon has a telescoping barrel to adjust your sound from 80-120dB
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Guardian-2 Propane Scare Cannon

Economical gas scare cannons are perfect solution to keep pest birds and wildlife away from vineyards, orchards, crops and more. The Guardian-2 can cover up to 7-10 acres, based on the layout and topography of your land. This cannon comes with an adjustable, telescoping barrel. This allows you to adjust your cannon's sound intensity from 80-120 decibels depending on our needs.

Guardian-2 Propane Scare Cannon
  • Powerful – Telescoping barrel allows you to adjust your blast volume up to 120dB
  • Customizable – Available in a stationary ground model, or upgrade to the Rotary Model with 90° spinning tripod
  • Durable – Zinc plating stands up to harsh weather
  • Economical – Operates on propane or butane gas
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Introducing the Guardian-2 Propane Scare Cannon

The Guardian-2 Cannon works on propane or butane gas. The sonic explosions it produces help in the protection of crops, fruit trees, and other areas where where birds and animals may threaten crops. The sound detonations are adjustable to the desired frequency in a range from every 5 to 30 minutes.

Thanks to the special configuration of the telescoping barrel, the detonations are customizable from 80 to 120 decibels and the protection area is between 7 and 10 acres, depending on the crop, topography, and weather conditions. The machine activates with a piezo-electric system, while the rest is completely mechanical, keeping any potential faults to a minimum. The Guardian-2 Cannon is fully galvanized for reliability and durability in adverse weather conditions.

Included In Your Purchase:

Guardian-2 Propane Scare Cannon w/ Telescoping Barrel
Stabilizing Stand
Hoses and regulator
Guardian-2 Cannon User Manual


  • Large Coverage Area: One blast will protect up to 10 acres depending on shape and topography of land. Upgrade your monopod stake to a fully collapsible tripod for more coverage!
  • Blast Volume: Adjustable from 80 dB to 120 dB
  • Blast Interval: Adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Propane Usage: Approx. 18,000 detonations from a 20 lb. propane tank
  • Dimensions (w/o Tripod): 38in L (fully extended); 11in W; 16in H (96cm L; 28cm W; 40cm H)
  • Weight (w/o LPG Tank): 17.5 lbs (8 kg.)


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Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love your newfound freedom from birds and wildlife that we back your purchase with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. It's the only product in it's class to offer such a guarantee!

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Repels These Pests

Pest birds and wildlife such as wild turkeys, geese, deer, coyotes and more. Excellent for use in agricultural, commercial and Industrial applications.

Protect Your Property

  • Orchard, vineyard and row crop managers use the Guardian-2 Propane Cannon to stop birds and nuisance wildlife in their tracks before they destroy plants and harvests.
  • Farmers trust our cannons to stop birds and wildlife from stealing fruits and vegetables.
  • Airports can prevent birds from posing a threat during take-off and landing.
  • Poultry and fish breeding farms protect feed factories and depots.
  • Beehive owners can stop bears from stealing their honey.
  • Business owners keep birds off their metal roofing, protecting the roof surfaces from bird droppings and wear and tear.
  • As well as fields, storage lots and any other large, open areas!
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Single Rotary Cannon w/ Tripod

Upgrade your cannon to include a 90° rotating tripod! The tripod lifts the machine almost 5 feet high (1.5 meters), providing greater propagation of sound and thus covering and protecting a larger area.

Automatic On/Off Timer

With the optional timer, you can set a daily on/off time (once every 24 hours). The timer automatically starts and stops operation of your Guardian-2 cannon each day at your specified time. One AA battery will power the timer for an entire season.

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All bird control methods prove more effective when used in combination. When used in addition to your Propane Scare Cannon, visual scare aides such as Bird Scare Tape, Terror Eyes and Hawk Decoys will deter birds in a multi-sensory assault.

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