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Our loyal customers rave about their Bird Control devices protecting vineyards, orchards, Gardens and storefronts from bird damage. Join our satisfied customer base and start your bird-free life today.
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Repellers Electronic Bird Repellers

Use Bird Distress Cries and Predator Sounds to Scare Away Birds.

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Cannons Electronic Bird Repellers

Repel Birds and Wildlife with Sonic Blasts.

Roosting and Landing Prevention Electronic Bird Repellers 
Keep Birds off Roofs, Ledges, Window Sills, Signs, Awnings & More.

Visual Scare Devices Electronic Bird Repellers
Great for Fields, Orchards, Vineyards, Gardens, etc.

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Protect your grapes for years to come!

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Customer Testimonials

Item reviewed:

I have a summer home on the Neuse River in North Carolina. My neighbors and I have had a terrible time with seagulls pooping on our docks. We would shoot shotgun blasts over their heads and they would stay gone for just a little while. We ordered the Bird Gard Pro this Spring and we hit the lottery – Bingo! It works like a champ. The seagulls fly by once in awhile but do not go on the docks anymore. We set this sweet little machine to come on at dawn and go off at dusk. We have not had any problems since we started using it. It took about a week for it to teach them but so far so good. I highly recommend this product if you have having a problem with seagulls.

Item reviewed:

Here in western North Carolina I operate a farm and nursery. We maintain 30 species of bamboo over 4 acres. It is highly attractive to Starlings and Grackles for roosting. In the fall of 2012, they started congregating in the 1000s at night to roost. They would weigh down power lines in late afternoon, then go into the bamboo groves. It became so bad that everyone in the neighborhood noticed. You could smell the odor of their droppings a couple 100 feet away. I bought a Bird Gard Pro and set it up. I operated the alarm from late afternoon until well after dark. First 3 days, they were apprehensive, then they would dive in the bamboo to roost. By the 4th and 5th days, there were noticeably fewer roosting, but still there were thousands. After the first week, they would congregate in trees and power lines, then leave. Shortly after this, I had no Starlings or Grackles roosting here. Now and then, they will come around. I just turn on the [Bird Gard Pro] and they leave. I have waited a few times until they would go to roost on a moonlit night, then I turn it on and they would leave immediately. I never imagined the Bird Gard Pro would work this well. I wish now I had taken photos of the congregations of birds and the white droppings covering the ground to show just how bad it was.

Item reviewed:

It works! Pigeons, starlings, black birds, etc. were pooping on the patio and around our pool. It was so annoying. I did a search and came upon your Hawk Decoy. I read reviews and the one from Las Vegas, Nevada really stood out. (That's where I live.) Basically had the same scenario. I bought it and my family couldn't be happier. Although, there have been a few strays. Once they see the hawk, they're off on their merry way.

Item reviewed:

We found your product by browsing the internet. It really seemed to fit the bill for what we needed and when we read we could order custom chips, well… how much more could you ask for? We had tried the flash tape prior to this and it is somewhat effective. Forget about the owl. We also tried netting and just laid it over the blueberry bushes. It wound up getting tangled in the berries and when we tried to straighten it out it popped the berries off. We couldn’t wait to get our Bird Gard Pro. We put it right out there and when it came on, every robin in the field took flight at the same time. It was great!!!!! The effectiveness was amazing!!! We have an acre of blueberries and it was loud enough to reach the furthest part of the field without a problem. It's a real plus to be able to set the timer for the recording to go off at intervals. For the price, it was a good investment. We are completely satisfied, but mind you, we ordered it late for our season and only got to use it for a week before putting it up. Give us a call back next year and we’ll let you know if it’s still doing the job.
I bought it to give to my Mom as she was the one with the problem. It works wonderfully. … Not sure of what kind [of bird] but it was on her patio window ledge and floor.
— Joann W.
Sun City, CA
So far so good… all my info came from online research… compared two units and followed your recommendation for the unit we got. I think it's working because now we see a whole lot more birds OUTSIDE the barn rather than inside… starlings especially, where my son can plink at them with his pellet gun.
John B.
Smithsburg, MD
We had a woodpecker problem. I found your site from a search engine and since using the sound deterrent, we haven't had any more problems. It seems to be working. We have never used anything like this before.
— Patty C.
Cincinnati, OH

Item reviewed: Transparent Bird Gel

My problem was ordinary pigeons who liked to perch on the top of a swing set that holds a nice 5 foot cypress swing. Needless to say, pigeons do what they normally do and poop on the swing. (My wife says these pigeons have no respect.) Looking for a solution, I Googled ‘pigeon eliminator’ and found a few sites, including yours. We ordered two tubes of the caulking-like gel and applied it to the top of the swing, and it seems to be doing the trick. Everything about the ordering process was fine, delivery was timely, and the price reasonable.

Item reviewed: Scare Eye Diverters

I placed four of the eyeballs on the northeast side of the house where most of the damage was done and to my surprise not one woodpecker. Very amazing. I placed one on the northwest side of the house where we have had minimal damage again no visits. We did have one woodpecker this week make a visit but it was about ten feet above this last eyeball. So far so good, can't complain.

Item reviewed:

Never had a problem before moving to this boat slip. I purchased multiple products for a comprehensive solution and it is working very well… Your advice on using more than one piece as a part of a ‘system’ seems to have been very good advice… There are no birds near my boat!

Item reviewed:

I was plagued by one bird; a beautiful black one with orange patches on its wings. He became attached to my patio door and patio furniture. Nothing I tried worked, even my ‘owl’ so, while surfing the internet for a solution, I came upon your website and, eventually, purchased the scarey eyes and those hang up things. Well I hung the balloon on a post near my deck that used to hold my bug zapper and, along with Ollie Owl, he left though not very far. He decided to take his revenge out on my car, mostly the driver's side door where he would perch upon the side mirror and do his ‘stuff’. I was also having problems with my small strawberry patch and hung three of those other things there and haven't been bothered since. My only problem now is the car so I'll probably end up purchasing more of those hanging things. All in all, I am extremely pleased and relieved over the results of your products.
I was having problems with birds on my wooden fence because of my neighbor feeding them. I did a search and shopped webpages and yours was the best deals and seemed to be a much better product… Very happy with the purchase… Thanks.
— Glen B.
Springfield, MO

Item reviewed:

I found the website while searching for products to deter birds from my backyard patio and pergola area. I had been trying to find a solution for at least two years prior to finding your site via Google. I would suggest that this should be optimized so that the site is more easily found when someone is doing a random search. I was primarily using search terms such as ‘bird deterrent’ which brought up many sites other than yours. I don't remember what search term I was using when I found your site. The product is working great! I have used ultra sonic devices, owls, etc with limited results. The first two times the unit sounded, the sky was full of birds taking off from the field next door. On the third activation. No birds to be seen and very few since then. Robins still visit the yard but do not approach the patio area. Customer service was great. My original order was on line and I commented on the types of birds that were a problem. I received a call that I had not ordered the best ‘chip’ for my problem birds and that it would be changed to a more suitable unit. There was a shipping error and my package and one belonging to someone else were switched. Someone in your company discovered the mistake and it was corrected immediately. I am very satisfied with the customer service and the effectiveness of the unit.
I don't really know what kind of birds were soiling my pool deck area, because all I had were the droppings… I found your site on a Google search. The product information was helpful and the products themselves effective. Thank you for your assistance
— S.B.
Flemington, NJ

Item reviewed:
Note: this product is no longer available. Please see 3D-Coyote Replica.

Wild turkeys were eating our blueberries… as soon as our coyote went up, the turkeys stayed away and we've been collecting ripe blueberries.

Item reviewed:

We had an unusual problem of migrating robins roosting in our trees. The house we purchased was an ‘estate sale’ and the previous owner never pruned his maple and pine trees and also didn't have any light out back. When we moved in, it was summer time and we were too busy to notice the birds, but by the following spring, we cut down the massive pine, severely pruned the maples and erected a permanent metal ‘pavilion’ with a concrete patio that extended 10 feet past the front. Come that spring, between 150–200 robins proceed to fly into our trees (at dusk) – didn't build nests – just ‘roost’… and would leave behind massive amounts of you know what.... It got to the point where I had to hose off the patio every morning because FLIES would circle around the mess.... and I would gag on the ammonia smell.... We found your company on the internet. We tried the Ultra Sonic Guard, didn't work.. it wasn't water proof any way… Your sales people were extremely helpful. [The customer service representative] became my buddy.... The unit we purchased… worked! It scared/ relocated the Robins somewhere and although we were terrorizing our neighbors with what sounds like a hawk chewing off a robin's leg, we were able to shut the system down and now are living ‘happily ever after’ ....thank you, for everything.

Item reviewed:

I had a very good experience working with your company. The customer service representative was very friendly and helpful. She helped me pick out the right model for the type of bird problem we were having and the product has worked great. We had installed an in-ground pool a couple of years ago and never had any problems with bird droppings. A few years later, all of the neighbors trees started to mature and our backyard turned into a bird sanctuary with hundreds of birds flying through the yard constantly. Each morning I would find hundreds of bird droppings on the patio and all over the automatic cover. It was really disgusting. We actually had birds drop in the pool as we swam. I couldn't put up with it any longer. I investigated ways to get rid of birds on-line, and finally determined that the Bird Gard Pro would be the best solution. It was easy to install and started repelling birds after about 2–3 days. We no longer have bird droppings in the yard and I feel comfortable that my family is no longer exposed to bird waste. I've actually had neighbors ask me what kind of exotic birds we have living at the house. No one realizes that it is a machine. Thanks for saving our summer. We only get to enjoy the pool for a few months in Chicago, and this really helped.

Item reviewed:

We used to have a significant problem with pigeons on our grounds due to the proximity of our plant to local nesting areas under a highway overpass. We had tried avicide but were not pleased with its results because it did not change the behavior of the flock. So we took a lesson from the local airport and installed portable air cannons, such as the Zon 4, and received instant results. These cannons keep the birds disturbed and have really helped us control bird issues on our property. This effective bird control technique has allowed me to focus on more important things like running an efficient plant.
Whitfield Foods Inc.
Montgonery, AL

Item reviewed:

I purchased a Zon Mark 4 Propane Cannon to keep geese and deer out of my crops, I had to replant 12 acres because of what they destroyed. Since buying the cannon I no longer have a problem, in fact I purchased a second one for another farm that I grow crops on. It was easy to set up and I believe it has already paid for itself in crops that I do not have to replant. The ordering process was real easy and the shipping was reasonable. I would recommend this product and company to anyone who needs this type of item.
We chose a Pinot Noir block at our Carneros ranch that has had bird problems since 1976. This particular block…has consistently suffered annual bird damage and subsequent yield reductions. It was very impressive to set up the various Bird Gard systems and watch the bird damage be eliminated. It was quite amazing to see no bird damage occur at all in the entire block. We were able to extend the ripening time with no pressure to pick early due to the annual bird damage that many times determines the harvest date in this block. The system has many advantages, the most obvious being the reduction of bird damage and subsequent yield savings. In addition, there are labor savings as well as an increase in quality if you are picking early to avoid excessive bird damage.

(Testimonial courtesy of BirdGard.com)

— Kelly Maher
Domaine Chandon, Napa Valley, CA
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